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April 3, 2004 AUSTIN, Texas (AP)-- The Purple Teddy Bears are as of now officially coast-to-coast, captivating audiences from south California to New Hampshire. Their first video, which premiered just this Thursday morning, is spreading rapidly around the college and high school campuses around the nation, from the University of Texas at Austin to Washington University in St. Louis, from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland to UC Davis in San Francisco. This group's unprecedented success is a mystery to many, yet for anyone who has experienced the magic of their first video, "I Want It That Way," knows that these four talented Asian boys from Austin, Texas, has what it takes to become the next pop sensation.

Combining raw talent with skill, precision, and the slick moves that catapulted previous boy bands to multi-platinum record sales, the PTBs prove to be even more than 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys. "I think we are distinct as the only high school boy band in existence, allowing us to tap into the market of high school girls who study too much. This is especially important since we attend an International Baccalaureate school," says Billy Wang. The group consists of four IB seniors from Westwood High School: Billy, ey, Slim, and Shady--a unique group of lovable, soulful, yet tenacious young men that have made the girls swoon nationwide.

The Purple Teddy Bears only first ventured upon the idea of forming a boy band in recent weeks, naming themselves after a perennial ornament that adorns their favorite English teacher, Mrs. Gwendolyn Fort's desk. After a strenuous week of rehearsing and filming, plus countless hours of production, editing, and refining, the finished product was presented amidst a huge group of eager and cheering students on the morning of April 1 in the classroom of physics teacher Tim O'Brien. "I couldn't believe how many people came to our premier," says ey. "Even freshmen that we've never met before somehow heard the news and came to support us." The classroom was crammed to capacity, and popping open bottles of sparkling grape juice, the four band members and dozens of devoted fans celebrated their weeks of hard work.

"It was definitely a challenging, but very rewarding experience. Our 'Slave Driver' Jen Chen helped us so much by choreographing the moves," laughs Slim. "Of course, we're also grateful to have so many friends help us out with the video as extras or assistants. We couldn't have done it without you." With the firm support of over a hundred students and teachers, the video has been highly publicized and seen by thousands across the nation. "And this is just the beginning," says PTB publicist and agent Tanya. "We have so many things planned for the future. Everyone who's seen the video has offered words of praise and appreciation, who knows what the next video will bring? Especially in the rigors of an IB school, seeing their peers and classmates undertake these endeavors is highly encouraging and provides a welcome diversion from schoolwork."

The PTB recently announced plans to build upon their initial success by filming a second video after AP and IB exams. There is no word yet on the next song to be released. Until then, you, too, can see the newest overnight celebrity on their website, Video downloads are limited, so hurry before you miss out on a rare glimpse of this exciting new group. "A must see," says music and film critic Charles Moody. "It's absolutely AMAZING. I have shown it to my wife and all my friends, because the Purple Teddy Bears are just that good. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!"