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    Launched in a blaze of publicity, the Purple Teddy Bears were initially dubbed by the world's press as the "next hot boy band" on account of their sexy image and stunning vocals. However, over time and one music video later, the Purple Teddy Bears found their own distinct identity and niche.

    They deal in perfect harmonies and sweet songs about love, girls adore 'em, and --in spite of their naughtiness and intellectual capabilities--they look nice enough to take home to mom.

    The four members of the band (Billy, ey, Slim, and Shady) grew up singing in local choirs and dancing in public venues and ddr machines. The Purple Teddy Bears came together via serendipitious circumstances. Billy found ey due to their similiar interets in Red Alert, Counter-Strike, and DDR. While Billy and ey were attending the local International Baccalaureate high school, the two found Slim and Shady who had already tied the knot. Realizing the vast untapped audience of Asian girls who study too much, the group decided to help save a few poor souls. The Purple Teddy Bears--named after their English teacher's stuffed animal--were thus born.

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