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Farees: Oh my gosh, this purple teddy thingy is workin' out great for ya'! I have to say i am impressed linda! you got skill! hopefully u win the NHS elections! the site will be pimpin'!

ocktek: wow wang
ocktek: you look so hot in that one
ocktek: your website is an asian powerhouse

AutumnSensation3: I saw the video.
NYYankee15: what did you think of it?
AutumnSensation3: i laughed, i cried, but mostly rolled around on the floor.

vlad 7krpm: omfg rotflmao

Werewolf Mikey: Those guys are at their hottest in that video

ChasMoody: [billy wang], I have one word for you. ASTONISHING. That video was unbelievable.

tangereenspeedo5: i love seeing you [billy] in the shower, it makes me hot, i want your bod

LekiLi 022: ey is my fav, what do u think about it?
gojogo15: what's ey?
LekiLi 022: they have nicknames. ey is essence
gojogo15: ok, ya, he's really good, he's kinda hot too in it, haha, I must say

gojogo15: ur video is awesome! haha, we watched it today in calc
gojogo15: hahaha, he [ey] has good bone structure

gojogo15: oh cool! she [slave driver] did a really excellent job, musta taken a long time haha, it really flows well

im small eyed: dude you [billy] c-walkin in the video, hot, i just saw that when i showed my sister
im small eyed: you are now officailly in my book of ballers

deepuBR: dude, you [billy] have earned a compltely new level of respect and admiration. i mean this video is top notch like stuff that gets spread around the internet fast, very talented production. the whole idea, the whole group, every one involved. production was particularly well-done. i mean it's a great idea and know that most people wouldn't have actually done it but you guys pulled through with something amazing. [billy] you get cheers from me. congrats. i will some way to ccelebrate it in physics. seriously man, this is a class act. i cant imagine anyone who have done this.
in terms of imagination and effort, this took organization and coordination. well worth it.

jUicyStbErry: ahhh it was freaking hilariousssssssssssssssss, hahahah ic odln stpo laughinggg! the funniest thing ive ver seen =PPPPP yall are so.. lolll

ChasMoody: OH
ChasMoody: MY
ChasMoody: GOD
LEOpardBOXers149: i'm sure the shower scene really had you enticed
ChasMoody: I watched for a while, then I got scared.
LEOpardBOXers149: how far did you get?
ChasMoody: I'm kidding - I watched to the end.
LEOpardBOXers149: ah okay lol
ChasMoody: They are totally better than the real BB's.
LEOpardBOXers149: can u belive they get creativity hours for IB for ripping of the bsb lol
ChasMoody: Ripoff or not, it was unbelievable.
ChasMoody: Kirsten just got home, and I'm trying to make the video play again.

polarpimpWglases: just wanna say good job for the video, lol its fucking funny dude. yea excellent performance. kevin and my eyes were attracted by ur sexy moves, too good.

RyanMoench: dude, i just saw the video it was awesome. well yall did a good job, that thing is funny as hell. the shower scene is funny and the dancing is well done. you guys have too much time on your hands.

ShorD143: holy hell you guys are crazy

sklipigurl: lol, very funny. u guys are a great band. we watched hte video again in physics and afterwards obrien asked ey for his autograph.

TOPHER BOY 3: did mr blaine go see it
BalaWonton: premiere?
TOPHER BOY 3: yeah he had a note on his computer that said "8:50 obrien's room, music video"

TOPHER BOY 3: they should make it five so i can be in it O:-)
miss katalina: NO

Peter Lewis: oh jesus, chirst, dude this is hilarious

Jiyea's Xanga: "by the way, did you guys see the music video that stan, essence, wonchon, and steve made? it's sooo hilarious.. i wonder what they do in their free time.. haha i luv the chair choreography.. if you haven't seen it go see them now."

cloudthief2: your video-- omfg i nearly died. it was so freaking good!

ShorD143: my brother just saw it, he couldn't stop laughing but at the end when y'all were in the shower he was like "please tell me they're wearing pants"

ChicAtRavieSa 13 : beautiful- so original i loved it

chichichela13: that video
chichichela13: my mom
chichichela13: said
chichichela13: stan was cute
chichichela13: and that she really liked the video

caribchickie2: PURE
caribchickie2: FUCKING
caribchickie2: GENIUS
caribchickie2: ^__^

Nall256: i love it
Nall256: by the way, i died laughing twice

Nall256: helen just said she's spreading your vid worldwide... is that okay with you

j r 1337: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA i have not laughed this hard in a very long time. thank you very much for that. hahahahaha the shower part is the best.

AppenBopple: right now I'm laughing my ass off. the IM scenes are excellent, dude. I also want people to know that I knew one of the Purple Teddy Bears before he [shady] became famous.

aznACER: steve looks like he's wacking off, but i have to say, the dancing was rather impressive.

bravoflight0504: ptb rocks!

mattp81886: you got ladies to help ya with this, wow.

polarbear2716: the best music video i hav ever seen in my life. i will definitely treasure it forever. y'all should get a recording contract. i realy wanted you [shady]. u so sexy

SunnySmile240: *****hilariouse!!!!!!!!!

Tuna72: yall have inspired legions of asians who study too much they want to make videos too.... maybe itd get a cult following. the poor brown kids waiting in bread lines will fall for the purple teddy bears and will be inspired to dance.

CTinaTalk: dawg EVERYONE thinks your music video is hillarious. it's already going around hopkins quite a bit. i showed it to several friends,a nd they wanted the link, and now it's everywhere.

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